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April 02, 04:17 PM

About (.GMBCK and .GMSPR) association/kind of file Edition PRO,another tool internal machine or anything acess it?
"cause i want replacing them with real picture or friendly source other.

just think cord or encode ..

November 13, 12:06 PM

Anyone have the HTTP DLL 2 by Maarten Baert?

November 19, 03:02 AM

Btw, I'm new here. Great to meet you guys! o@.@

November 19, 03:01 AM

Dear All:
I need help. Can anyone kind enough to tell me how to equal one array to another in GML? This is for BUY function in a game. The scenario is this: If I go to SHop 1, then ShopCatalogue[] should = to CatalogueShop1[]. Eles, if I go Shop 2, then ShopCatalogue[] should = CantalogueShop2[].

They are 2D arrays.

I'm using GM 8.1.


January 13, 09:36 AM

And, Schyler we might not be active, but the love for Game Maker in our hearts is very much alive!

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January 13, 09:29 AM

Does anybody have the file from , their links are dead!!!

July 20, 04:32 PM

Most of us are still alive ;)

December 05, 09:08 AM

September 14, 11:07 AM

Not sure if this is read, but just letting people know I left a question at the Advanced Array comment section.

May 09, 12:11 PM

Epicness. gamemaker!

March 22, 03:37 PM

no comment

February 16, 04:12 AM

How's life?

January 07, 12:01 AM

I might consider re-writing this website if I thought GM had a good future.. not so sure though anymore. I think rewriting this site is one of those things I will always plan to do but never do. Especially when you have other people who are actually paying you to create websites.. hmm should a rewrite GMbase today and make it the most useful gm site ever, possibly as useful as the YYG site in many ways or should I work on website XYZ and get paid big bucks.. hmm..

I must say I have memories here. It's where it all started. My programming learning curve started with GM

January 06, 11:54 PM

LOL Schyler. I got a notification in my email saying you tried to comment in the news section.. too bad it's broken and i didn't get it. Someone uploaded an extension in the last few days. amazing.

January 06, 11:42 PM

Anyone? I see people, browsing.

Edited on January 06, 11:43 PM by Schyler

January 06, 11:40 PM

Heh. Anybody here still alive? I check every day.

Edited on January 06, 11:40 PM by Schyler

July 22, 04:28 PM

I highly recommend this resource loader I made to anyone who wants to bring their GM programs to the next level:

Edited on July 22, 04:28 PM by Jonah

April 07, 07:57 PM

Are we dead?

March 14, 09:20 PM

This looks like it might be worth a try:

March 14, 07:32 PM

I remember GM was really fun, kinda miss it. It's just that it was way un-flexible and un-extensive. No namespaces, no true OOP, no array handling functions, slow, no good organization, etc.

C++ seemed promising, but I find that when you use it, you have to put 95% of your focus on technical things such as pointers, data types, etc. And I'm no where near knowing how to draw on the screen with it, especially like you can with GM.

Java seems like a better option, maybe sometime I will invest more time learning that. Maybe I just need a good code library...