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Credit to THE Stefan

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SOC 3.1

Posted by MindWorX on March 10, 2007

An extension that wraps THE Stefan's Simple Online Communication(SOC) Dll for multiplayer coding.

The zip contains two extensions, a basic extension, and an extra extension that gives a little more control.

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12:03pm, 10 Mar 2007

Ok, thanks for the bug report! I just fixed it. I also deleted the extra extension. The re-upload file form is on its way... It's the next thing on my list. I might not have time to do it today though as I may have to leave soon. If anyone ever needs to re-upload a file and I have not created a means to do it, feel free to email it to me at and I'll do it manually.

7:09pm, 11 Mar 2007

You should define the functions because i dont like downloading something i dont know about or what it has inside.

I know this can be faked but it makes me running a blue-pill vista based system alot safer.

Really. It would help.

4:22am, 23 Mar 2007

I'll define the functions sometime, just haven't gotten around to doing it yet. ;)

11:23am, 26 Mar 2008

yeah how i can use the extension if i dont know the functions =S

6:35pm, 24 Apr 2009

Whats the code(script) for this?