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Credit to Jacob Clark

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Environment Variables

Posted by tigerman on July 22, 2010

This extension gives you access all the environment variables. I also included a function to execute the command shell if needed. Made by Jacob Clark

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{Constants (31)}

These constants will return you all of the computer variables such as the name of the logged in user, the name of the computer, the version of the computer, the computers supported executable list, number of processors, and more.

Returns Return Values

en_execute_command_shell() {Function}

Executes the Command Shell, don't know what you would need it for though, but it's cool.

en_user_name {Constant}

Returns Name of Logged in User

en_computer_name {Constant}

Returns Name of Computer

en_default_application_storage {Constant}

Returns Path of the Temporary Application Storage Folder

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