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Credit to Jacob Clark and M. Rijks (Smarty)

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Posted by tigerman on July 22, 2010

GMSQL is a bridge for MySQL database connectivity. DLL package and GMSQL programming created by M. Rijks. Extension Package and GM2SQL functions created by Jacob Clark. This is pretty much a extension version of Smarty's DLL, but I've also added 32 of my own GM2SQL functions that are easier to use (Including my favorite, the Debug/Sync function).

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{Regular GMSQL Functions (33)}

Just Smarty's GMSQL functions

Returns Return Values

{My GM2SQL Functions (32)}

My functions, mostly to make GMSQL a little easier. There are functions like 'gm2sql_insert_value', 'gm2sql_refresh_evolved' (has ordering, excluding, and more), 'gm2sql_create_table', 'gm2sql_create_user', 'gm2sql_debug'.

Returns Return Values

gm2sql_debug() {Function}

This uses the OLD_PASSWORD() method in a query to, what I like to call, 'sync' the user/host to the usage of external clients.

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