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Advanced Arrays

Posted by Jonah on January 02, 2008

Allows for multi-dimensional arrays with tons of extra features that the normal Game Maker arrays don't allow. This includes using strings for keys instead of just numbers.

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Copies an array

Returns New array ID


Creates an array and returns an ID to be used with other functions

Returns New array ID

array_destroy(arrayId, key1, key2, key3...)

Destroys an array or part of one. Does not work for sub-arrays. Use array_destroy2 for that.


Just like array_destroy but works for sub-arrays. It does not allow for keys though and can be much slower

array_get(arrayId, key1, key2, key3...)

Retrieves a value or sub-array from an array.

Returns array ID or value


This function show_messages()'s the array's contents (very useful for debugging). It also saves it to the file Array_print.txt

array_set(arrayId, value, key1, key2, key3...)

Sets a value to an array

array_set2(arrayId, arrayId2, key1, key2, key3...)

Sets an array to an array (nests one into the other in other words)


Gets the size of an array. Counts branches to, but not inside the branches (not recursive in other words).

Returns size

array_isSet(arrayId, key1, key2, key3...)

Tests if key(s) are set

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12:21pm, 11 Jan 2008

An array_print(arrayId,filename) would be nice.

5:30am, 24 Aug 2010


11:05am, 14 Sep 2011

First of all, this is brilliant! It’s incredibly useful. (If I manage to get it working). That said, I’m having trouble using this code. I’m getting the following error: “Illegal array index in script "array_set". trying to access argument[8], but only 8 arguments have been supplied.” Replace 8 with whatever amount of arguments I try to provide. I keep on getting this. Two questions:

1) Am I using this code wrong or is this due to incompatibility with 8.1?
2) I can avoid the error by unchecking “Throw an error when argument aren’t initialized correctly.” under global game settings. Is this a solution for incompatibility or am I simply avoiding a very real problem which will rear its ugly head later on?

I guess those two questions come down to the same thing.

12:52pm, 19 Sep 2011

After working with the code for a while, it seems to work perfectly fine. I just read somewhere that in the future the option to turn this error off will disappear. I hope that won't be the case, because it'd be a great loss not being able to use this.

3:31am, 22 Oct 2014

I get an error when I try to run the game with this extension saying
Compile Extensions...Error : gml_Script_sym_copy_climb(0) : Assignment operator expected
Final Compile...Error : gml_Script_sym_copy_climb(0) : malformed assignment statement

I do not have any other extensions installed and I am using GameMaker Studio. Don't know if that's a problem...?

Gamemaker studio education (standard edition) v1.3.1386