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Ruby's Product Activation

Posted by Ruby on November 04, 2007

Ruby's Product Activation, or RPA, allows you to let your users activate your application online. This extension uses product keys of 25 characters length, divided in five groups: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. Every product key can only be activated once, but there's more. A user can also deactivate his or her product key, for example when buying a new PC or reinstalling Windows. This way, they don't have to buy a new Product Key!

Before you start, please register your application and it's Game ID at This allows you, and only you, to see how many activations there already are, and to generate Product Keys. Because there is no function to generate Product Keys, people who have hacked your app will not be able to activate it, even if they know your security code!

Package includes a GEX, a DLL, a GM5 example a GM6 example, a GM7 example and a Delphi example.

Good luck!


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5:39am, 4 Nov 2007

Note: In the GM7 extension, all functions require an extra argument: The game id.

3:23pm, 6 Nov 2007

Honestly is GiiMote that bad? 1/10? Oh well, if you have any tips to help me improve it feel free to mail them to me, I'd love to know how to improve if you really don't like it that much.

7:33am, 7 Nov 2007

Please only comment here about RPA.

And I don't like GiiMote because it is completely unusable. Nobody would use it, because it will require the player to have a Wii.

5:28pm, 7 Nov 2007

Okay sorry about that, just didn't know how else to contact you and wondered what could be improved, fair enough. (I'll tell you though, it's a lot of fun to play my favorite open source GM games with the Wii Remote!)

Like the idea for RPA btw, I havn't used it myself (not secure enough, I do all my own hashes and such) but I bet this helps newer users alot. 4/5

4:01am, 9 Nov 2007

[quote]MESSAGE TO LEIF902:
Would you please tell why you think RPA isn't secure, and why you think it is only for beginners?[/quote]

Oh sorry, I didn't mean that in an insulting way, quite the contrary I think it's a great idea and I haven't found any specific security venerabilities. I just meant that I prefer to do my own hash functions/encryption for this sort of thing since then only I have the source,

I apologize if I sounded insulting, I actually thought it was a great idea for an extension!

- Leif

2:10pm, 28 Nov 2007

I reviewed your (this) extension. It should appear in next month's MarkUp magazine.

5:13pm, 19 Dec 2007


5:19pm, 14 Mar 2008

wats the serial

2:38am, 17 Apr 2013
had been died!