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Credit to Kyle_Solo

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Posted by Kyle_Solo on October 29, 2007

Why should I use this?
Because it lets you read and write lines to files, making it easy for you. You can also insert lines, delete lines, add lines to the end, and read and write encrypted lines (using whatever encryption code or DLL you want).

How to set up:
1. Download the extension
2. Install "se4.gex" and enable it (help)
3. Import "se4scripts.gml" into your game
4. Start using it!

All encryption is optional. You can leave out the encrypt? and decrypt? arguments in all the scripts. Even if you use no encryption at all, you still need both encryption scripts (from "se4scripts.gml") in your game for it to run.

You can modify the encryption scripts and give it your own powerful encryption as long as it returns argument0 when argument1 = 0 and returns the encrypted string when argument1 = 1.

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Opens the file and returns the file id, which you need for later functions.

Returns file id

file_ext_read_line(file, line, decrypt?)

Returns the desired line. If decrypt is 1, returns the decrypted line.

Returns String

file_ext_write_line(file, line, string, encrypt?)

Writes to the desired line. If encrypt is 1, writes the encrypted line.

file_ext_insert_line(file, line, string, encrypt?)

Inserts the string at line. If encrypt is 1, inserts the encrypted line.

file_ext_add_line(file, string, encrypt?)

Adds the string to the end of the file. If encrypt is 1, adds the encrypted line.

file_ext_delete_line(file, line)

Deletes the line, moving all the lines after it up. If you delete line 1, line 2 becomes line 1, line 3 becomes line 2, and so on.

file_ext_encrypt_line(file, line)

Encrypts the line.

file_ext_decrypt_line(file, line)

Decrypts the line.

file_ext_save(file, fname)

Important! Before you call this function nothing is actually written to the file! Call it when you want to save your changes. Fname is optional, if left blank it will write to the original file (the fname in file_ext_open).


Returns the number of lines in the file.

Returns Number of lines


Call this function when you are done working with the file. It frees up the memory the file used.


Found in 'se4scripts.gml', this function handles the encryption. It is required for the extension to run.


Found in 'se4scripts.gml', this function handles the decryption. It is required for the extension to run.

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7:04pm, 1 Nov 2007

This is very good! Good job: 4 stars