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Sprite Replicator

Posted by Ahren on September 03, 2007

I dug this up out of an old and decrepit folder that was hiding on my computer and piled it into a .gex for you all. It doesn’t make or break a game, but it’s more or less an environmental enhancer.

What is it?
I call it a foliageReplicator. It’s not just for foliage, though; it works for other objects as well (though it shines in foliage). It takes a given sprite and randomly replicates it over an elliptical area. It works multiplayer as well; you get the same results on every client.

Why should I use it?
It allows you to populate your levels with objects that would normally take a long time to implement. Fields of wheat, grass, etc.; things that would take time to manually place one by one can now be quickly acheived, allowing for more vibrant worlds, both 2D and 3D.

What about ______?
Look in the help file. It describes how the extension works, elaborating it for your own use, backward compatability, license, etc.

It's kind of a restatement of the last paragraph, but there’s more details in the included help file (I’m working on a new, improved help file, forgive the ugly format), along with instructions on how to use it. Rather than copying all the stuff over here and showing it to you here, I’ll let you download it and read it there. There's a lot in the help file; you can get a great idea of it by reading it.

It is compatible with 3D, as I've already stated. Just add a d3d command in the draw event of the FoliageItem object, and it should work.

The two needed objects are packaged into one .gmk file. If you want to use it, I would suggest merging it with your game.

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8:13pm, 3 Sep 2007

Very nice. If I was making a role playing game, or even a game with plants, I'd use this.

1:22am, 20 Sep 2007

Seems cool.