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Vector Engine

Posted by Jonah on August 21, 2007

This extension can handle vector images. It works very simple. You have a path. The path contains curves, and the curves (control)points. They are represented by gm objects, so you can move them with the normal gm functions.

- Very easy and fast structure.
- Cubic bezier curves.
- Connecting a new curve to the previous one.
- Fast navigation by using next and previous variables.
- Svg loading (beta function).
- Precision levels.
- It can only draw outlines. (Because gm can only draw triangle primitives)
- Svg loader can only load <path> tags and C (curveto) parameters.

You can help by posting bugs or suggestions.

Please post what you think about this extension.

P.S. Oh and if you want to know, this is completely gml, no dlls are used.


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11:36am, 5 Sep 2007

Oh, SVG! I only just remembered what that was! That would be awesome if expanded the tags it supports.

7:10pm, 1 Nov 2007

This is pretty good: 5 stars

2:47pm, 23 Dec 2007

Collsion checking for the curve would be useful.


3:56am, 15 Apr 2014

hello, how do i use the extension? i would like to be able to load a svg background for my game