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HTML-TO-GML ver2.3

Posted by Sandro on July 27, 2007

Have you ever tried to make your characters say crap. Have you ever wanted to make a cretin word bold, or change the font in the middle of a string. If so you know how mush of a pain that is, but with HTML-to-GML you just simply add HTML tags to your string and the extension does all the painful GML coding for you. It's thats easy. See why 1,000s of uses Recommend it.

You must now use the <font> tag. You have 4 attributes to chooses from. You may use any number of the attributes and in any order. The attributes are:
face - The Font Name
size - The Font Size
color - The Font Color
align - The Font Align(Left, Right, or Center)

All attributes must be surrounded in single quotes( ' ) and can't contain spaces next to the equal sign( = ).

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7:53pm, 13 Aug 2007


6:09am, 28 Sep 2007

nao sei usar.. nao tem help
have not help in archive.. i don't know how to use

8:12pm, 28 Sep 2007

Read the help file and view the topic at my website>>

11:14am, 3 Apr 2008

can anyone help it says the file is corrupted

6:42am, 2 May 2008

if this is another gex file im gonna kill myself

10:36am, 13 Jan 2015

@crimestarter why are you gonna kill yourself?