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Speech Dialog extension

Posted by HaRRiKiRi on July 26, 2007

This extension allows easy loading of .dlg files which can be made by Arcanum dialog editor or any other .dlg editor. This extension allows loading and drawing of the dialog. It also includes code execution when a certain answer is picked (for quests), and so on. This is very easy to use and needs only one function for loading, and one for drawing. Includes an example and a detailed help file.

You can download the Arcanum dialog editor here (fileplanet) or here, but the second link is from my ripway account, so the bandwidth is limited. At start, the program could be confusing, but it's actually very easy to use. One day, I could make a tutorial on how to use it, if needed though.


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This function will load the given file.


This function will draw the dialog. X is the x position to draw it. Y is the y position. Width is the width of dialog box. If text in the dialog is longer then the width, then text will be wrapped. Offset is offset for the text from the sides of the box. Gender is boolean value, so 0-male, 1-female. The right question text will be shown for each gender. Text for both genders can be set in Arcanum Dialog editor, or by hand in .dlg file.

dlg_draw(x,y,width,textcol,textcol2,textcol3,textalpha,font, backcol,backalpha,outline col,outline alpha,offset,gender)

This function is same as above, but has these additional parameters. Textcol is the color for unselected answer text. Tectcol2 is the color for selected answer text. Textcol3 is the color for question text. Textalpha is the alpha for all of the text. Font is font used. Put -1 for default font. Backcol is the color of the background. Bachalpha is the alpha for background. Outlinecol is the color for the outline. Outline alpha is the alpha for the outline.


This function will return the height of the dialog. This can be used for precise positioning of the dialog box.

Returns dialog box height


Used to update variables. It checks if conditions are fulfilled.

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3:03pm, 26 Jul 2007

OMG these are awesome!