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Credit to HaRRiKiRi

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Inventory extension

Posted by HaRRiKiRi on July 26, 2007

This extension allows making an drag and drop style inventory. Mostly useful for RPG's. Included is one example, a Diablo style inventory. But this also allows making inventorys from games like Arcanum, Fallout, Mu Online or just your own. Also, includes a detailed help file on every function and how to use them. This extension also includes "Horadric cube". It's an inventory where you can make items. You put in certain items and out comes other items. Help file and the example shows more detailed information.


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8:28am, 31 Jul 2007

It's very good. Anyone looking to make an RPG with an inventory system from any one of those games should check it out.

3:17am, 4 Aug 2007

UNBELIEVABLE !!! I really like it, thank you very much !!!