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Credit to JoBro Media and the author to the GMSPC dll.

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Posted by jobro on July 25, 2007

Ever wanted to play music from SuperNintendo games like Super Mario World, Killer Instinct, Zelda, or Pilot Wings? Then you know that until now it has been a brainpain to get the sound out from the SNES games into your game. Of course you could hand out the music with your game as external SPC music and tell the player to manually switch track in Winamp. But really that ain't a good way either. Let me introduce you to GMSPC, a DLL that has some years on it's back that does exactly this. You install the extension. The extension contains a library with 2 actions (see below for information). You include the music within your game's global settings (under include). You use the Init action to get the SPC player ready. Next you use the Play action to play a song. Bulky solutions like SXMS 3.0, that doesn't work anyways, is now obsolete. :D

Please note that the DSP playback isn't working really as good as it could be, and no workaround is available. Also note that the rate / bits is quite sensitive. If you have no knowledge then make sure that the original settings is in place.

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Initializes the SPC playback

Returns Rate and bits


Plays the song you specified.

Returns Song name

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8:05am, 4 Dec 2007

How do you use .gex?