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GM Motion Planning

Posted by Airslide on July 21, 2007

One of the problems with many top-down games is the path-finding. People use the D&D action that simply attempts to go around solid objects, and quite often this fails in complex games. Game Maker already has the A*algorithm method, however it is not widely used and many people who don't code GML don't even know it exists. Well, now you can use D&D to use this powerful functionality of Game Maker! This extension automatically handles the creation/destruction of paths, setups a single global grid, and features some new, useful commands that are not featured in the GM command set.

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5:41am, 21 Jul 2007

I may define the functions later (if the edit will let me) but I'm short on time at the moment and I wanted to get this up. Should be useful for anyone making a top-down game.

12:04pm, 21 Jul 2007

Nice! This is a great addition! Thank you!

8:21pm, 23 Jul 2007

Hmmm. I want a look at this,..

1:38pm, 15 Feb 2008

When I run it, it says "Cannot find extension packages" can you help me?

3:56pm, 2 Apr 2018

love it GEX "instant and simple motion computes plan't,(tested) but this function,instance not respond while meet object after and before moving to any place until path find out gridlinear,anyone have a sugest for related computes motion function or like alogarithm easy plan?

please update more motion plan't action !!