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GM Motion Planning

Posted by Airslide on July 21, 2007

One of the problems with many top-down games is the path-finding. People use the D&D action that simply attempts to go around solid objects, and quite often this fails in complex games. Game Maker already has the A*algorithm method, however it is not widely used and many people who don't code GML don't even know it exists. Well, now you can use D&D to use this powerful functionality of Game Maker! This extension automatically handles the creation/destruction of paths, setups a single global grid, and features some new, useful commands that are not featured in the GM command set.

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5:41am, 21 Jul 2007

I may define the functions later (if the edit will let me) but I'm short on time at the moment and I wanted to get this up. Should be useful for anyone making a top-down game.

12:04pm, 21 Jul 2007

Nice! This is a great addition! Thank you!

8:21pm, 23 Jul 2007

Hmmm. I want a look at this,..

1:38pm, 15 Feb 2008

When I run it, it says "Cannot find extension packages" can you help me?