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Posted by leif902 on July 13, 2007

HexScripts by GreenMan Games allows for the reading and writing of integer words of any length (byte, short, long, quad, etc.) in GM. It also contains several advanced binary functions not built into GM including radix translation!

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Seeks forward or backward by length in the given file from the current location.

function file_bin_read_word(file,length,bigend)

Reads an integer word of the given length from a file in big or little endian byte order.

Returns Real


Writes an integer word of a given length to the given file in big or little endian byte order.


Converts a number of a given radix to a new radix.

Returns String

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12:46pm, 13 Jul 2007

Wow this sounds very legit. Tagged well too.

3:14pm, 13 Jul 2007

Actually, this is an old version, uploaded it by mistake... I'll have to fix it later :)

3:36pm, 13 Jul 2007

Okay, I updated it, sorry for that :)

EDIT: and as soon as I post this I find an error... updated again

5:51pm, 13 Jul 2007

Oh woah, hi Jonah, didn't realize you were the creator of this site. Let me just say, very good job :)

Also, noticed you like backpacking, kudos to you! (not enough people do anymore... :( my friends all think I'm crazy for packing all over the place)

11:59pm, 13 Jul 2007

You backpack too? dude that's great! Not many programmers like that sort of thing.... BTW would you want to have your extension put on MarkUp? check the latest news item for more info if you are interested. =D

6:17am, 14 Jul 2007

Updated yet again, changed a function name, fixed the return data and a bug in the package.

Oh and yah :) I love backpacking!