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JBM SoundControl

Posted by jobro on July 04, 2007

If you've played StarCraft then you know that you can disable the music by pressing CTRL+M and the sound by pressing CTRL+S, this extension takes careof conditionaly playing a sound depending on a variable's state. If the variable is true then play the sound. If not well then keep it quite. It features a stop command that stops a sound if the variable is false. This can be put in the step section to keep checking the sound. It features 2 other actions that sets the variable to true or false and another that toggles the variable.

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7:46pm, 5 Jul 2007

This is a little confusing. Could you clarify a bit? I don't get it.

7:50pm, 5 Jul 2007

I changed the description to match the GMC topic. Is that ok? It makes much more sense now.

7:29pm, 10 Nov 2007