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GM Cash 1.1

Posted by jobro on June 30, 2007

Ever wanted to handle potential customers straight in your games? Then this is the extension for you. Through 7 D&D actions you can control 4 online shops creating the interface for your customers taking them from purchase to download. For all GM6 & GM5 users I've included the library as well, but there is no warranty that it will work.

Important update.

If you have the previous version then you should pick this up.

It adds 2 important functions:

* GMC topic access
Takes you straight to a topic you want the user to read.
* YoYo game access
Takes the user to the game on YoYoGames.

The full version of this extension has support for 8 different stores and has 39 actions.

Latest news:

GM Cash will be revamped to version 2.0 within the next six months or so. Since PayPal has done some security improvements it is not justified to leave GM Cash behind without these adjustments.

The reason for this long timespan is because I have a daytime job,and a job beside that. And both require full time service.


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4:02pm, 30 Jun 2007

Sounds very nice downloading

2:16pm, 3 Jul 2007

Wow. This sounds very good. Good job jobro

10:46am, 4 Jul 2007

Do you get some of the money?


2:18pm, 4 Jul 2007

I would think you would get all of the money unless it uses pay-pal or something (where you would get like 95% or something)

2:37am, 24 Jul 2007

Yeah you get all the money except for the small transaction fees that PayPal etc takes out.

8:57am, 14 Nov 2007

nice one now i can get money for my games

10:03pm, 15 Nov 2007

It wont work! Please make a GM7 version!

4:48pm, 26 Nov 2007


7:35am, 8 Dec 2007

this sucks. no GM7

6:27pm, 8 Dec 2007

Ever tried to copy the gex file into your extensions folder in GM7? Then you add the extension under the extensions. You find it in the left list in GM7. Once that is made available then the GMCash extension will be made available for GM7.

11:44am, 26 Jan 2008


it says "cannot edit unknown action."

also, can people use in games that they sell?

12:35pm, 22 Feb 2008


10:55pm, 13 Dec 2008

Haha, nice job.

6:24pm, 5 Nov 2010

so would this work if you wanted players to buy add ons to ur game? like membership or something? for a small fee?