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Dynamic Variables

Posted by Schyler on April 25, 2007

GM never found out how to use pointers in variables. This deletes variables directly out of memory. Cool huh?

It is in argument if this really works. Check comments.

This has 6 functions.

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12:50am, 25 Apr 2007

You have to call var_erase or vars from other sessions stay there.

10:56pm, 28 Apr 2007

Hello. People. This was discussed in a 255 page expert topic and I just figured it out....

11:47pm, 28 Apr 2007

No Comments ;(

10:19am, 1 May 2007

Oh yes, I have missed this. :D

11:47pm, 20 Jun 2007

if this is true...
then Y O U rule!!!

5:58pm, 13 Jul 2007

Very nice, I made some scripts to emulate pointers once... this is a neat idea, maybe I'll make an extension out of those... thanks for the idea :)
- Leif

10:41am, 22 Oct 2008

Oh; I just looked at this again and actually looked at how it works: it merely writes variables to an INI and reads them directly from it; this is a terrible solution; the hard drive is slow, RAM is not (and there is normally plenty of RAM for every variable GM could possibly want to store).

4:19pm, 23 Feb 2014

Please, don't use this in 2014.