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Credit to Ktech - Schyler

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Encryption - Seeded String

Posted by Schyler on March 11, 2007

This is an extension that has not been fully bug-tested yet. It uses the new random_set_seed and random_get_seed functions to encrypt a string. I'm using this in my latest games. This also gives you the possibility to add your own password because:
Your password is the random string/real you can enter!

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Encrypts the string with the set string and a 'var' variable as secondary security: must not be below 0.

Returns string [as string]


Same as above but decrypts the string.

Returns string [as string]


A preset seed variable with strong encryption. For people who can't be bothered making thier own.


A preset seed variable with light encryption. For people who can't be bothered making thier own.

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7:54pm, 11 Mar 2007

I just noticed something. Should i be posting each constanant in the function box?

Maybe we need a constanant thing like the function list but for c's!

8:37pm, 11 Mar 2007

Yes, I think you should write in each function box the constants that it uses. You could use some sort of list like this:


Makes something depending on the constant used.


returns if successful

8:46pm, 11 Mar 2007

You could do that but it would look more orderly and neat if there was a mech on the site that does that for you.

I'll try that with my next extension posting tommoro:

8:47pm, 11 Mar 2007

Plus: ive already posted 4!
Check Here!

8:53pm, 11 Mar 2007

Gaa! I need to fix BBlinks. Anyways I still saw it, very sweet. Anyways(2), I'll definitely think about your suggestion.

9:03pm, 11 Mar 2007

Thankyou. I liked your idea about letting the first 8 or so functions through then having another page for the rest to keep the pages sorta small. I probably shouldn't have postd all those.

Your lucky i only posted 40. I had another 210 to go then gave up. :)

8:18pm, 21 Apr 2007

What is this?

11:03pm, 26 Apr 2007

This is to encrypt files.

7:04am, 22 Aug 2007

Here's a link you might want to check out. I thought it would be a good way to encrypt too, but I was wrong.