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Creator of GMbase. My real name is Jonah Turnquist, just like my username. If you google me you'll find all sorts of stuff that's really me.

So, my interests.... first the physical stuff: backpacking, working out at the gym, and hardcore biking. Then the nerdy stuff: php and GM (not so much GM though).

I was born in 1990, making me 17 at the time I'm writing this. I'm currently attending Diablo Valley College. You can also find my blog at

Joined on January 16, 2007

Jonah's Extensions
Extension Owner Rating Downloads Credit to
Total 4
Advanced Arrays Jonah rating 1644 Jonah Turnquist (not required)
Vector Engine Jonah rating 1309 Ruud v A
Math Pack Jonah rating 1454 Gamer3D
For Testing Jonah rating 597