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March 25, 06:37 PM

Hola saludos desde venezuela !!

April 02, 04:17 PM

About (.GMBCK and .GMSPR) association/kind of file Edition PRO,another tool internal machine or anything acess it?
"cause i want replacing them with real picture or friendly source other.

just think cord or encode ..

November 13, 12:06 PM

Anyone have the HTTP DLL 2 by Maarten Baert?

November 19, 03:02 AM

Btw, I'm new here. Great to meet you guys! o@.@

November 19, 03:01 AM

Dear All:
I need help. Can anyone kind enough to tell me how to equal one array to another in GML? This is for BUY function in a game. The scenario is this: If I go to SHop 1, then ShopCatalogue[] should = to CatalogueShop1[]. Eles, if I go Shop 2, then ShopCatalogue[] should = CantalogueShop2[].

They are 2D arrays.

I'm using GM 8.1.


January 13, 09:36 AM

And, Schyler we might not be active, but the love for Game Maker in our hearts is very much alive!

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January 13, 09:29 AM

Does anybody have the file from , their links are dead!!!

July 20, 04:32 PM

Most of us are still alive ;)

December 05, 09:08 AM

September 14, 11:07 AM

Not sure if this is read, but just letting people know I left a question at the Advanced Array comment section.

May 09, 12:11 PM

Epicness. gamemaker!

March 22, 03:37 PM

no comment

February 16, 04:12 AM

How's life?

January 07, 12:01 AM

I might consider re-writing this website if I thought GM had a good future.. not so sure though anymore. I think rewriting this site is one of those things I will always plan to do but never do. Especially when you have other people who are actually paying you to create websites.. hmm should a rewrite GMbase today and make it the most useful gm site ever, possibly as useful as the YYG site in many ways or should I work on website XYZ and get paid big bucks.. hmm..

I must say I have memories here. It's where it all started. My programming learning curve started with GM

January 06, 11:54 PM

LOL Schyler. I got a notification in my email saying you tried to comment in the news section.. too bad it's broken and i didn't get it. Someone uploaded an extension in the last few days. amazing.

January 06, 11:42 PM

Anyone? I see people, browsing.

Edited on January 06, 11:43 PM by Schyler

January 06, 11:40 PM

Heh. Anybody here still alive? I check every day.

Edited on January 06, 11:40 PM by Schyler

July 22, 04:28 PM

I highly recommend this resource loader I made to anyone who wants to bring their GM programs to the next level:

Edited on July 22, 04:28 PM by Jonah

April 07, 07:57 PM

Are we dead?

March 14, 09:20 PM

This looks like it might be worth a try: