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Jonah | July 08, 2007


We are going to be featured on the Extension of the Month section in the GM magazine, MarkUp (endorsed by yoyogames)!!

But I need your help. Here's the thing. I can not run GM7 on my computer. That means I can not test extensions meaning I can not write reviews for them.

So, I am looking for someone who thinks they can review extensions. You would only need to do this once a month. You can also sign your reviews. Or, if you like any of the extensions we currently have you could write a one-time review too.

Also, if you think you have a great extention you can also review your own extension. I would be happy to hand your review over to MarkUp to have your extension featured. I would have to check it first though and make sure it really is a worthy extension of course.

If you would like to do any of those things please contact me at or leave a Shout.

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