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Jonah | August 25, 2007

My little to-do list

These are things I will or may implant. If you ever have a suggestion for an improvement of the site, please leave a comment here and I may add it to one of these lists.

Things I want to implant in time

  • Rewrite website in CakePHP
  • Let users have server resend the verification code and username/password.
  • Multilevel Admin system
  • Let search engine search through functions' descriptions and main descriptions
  • PM system

Things being considered for the future
  • Smilies for all text areas.
  • Admin rating system that's shown separate from the average rating.
  • Extension Reviews
  • A change password form
  • User images
  • Store User's last logon
  • Generate help files for extensions on the fly
  • Force the website to only show the first 7 functions or so on extension pages, and then have a link to another page showing the rest of the functions.

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