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- Account Setting
  July 05, 2007

- More adds + donate button
  June 21, 2007

- Schools out!
  May 23, 2007

- Rating system
  April 18, 2007

- Guests can comment
  April 13, 2007

- All files allowed
  April 08, 2007

- Re-upload
  March 12, 2007

- Edit extensions
  March 08, 2007

- .ged files allowed
  March 07, 2007

- Edit comment now works
  March 06, 2007

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News Archive

Jonah | July 05, 2007

Account Setting

Finally I decided to finish the Account Settings page. So now you can change your email, change it's visibility and write a "About Me" thingy that appears on your user page.

If you change your email you will have to re-verify it.

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Jonah | June 21, 2007

More adds + donate button

I've added a donate button to the front page if you're feeling generous, and some adds under the extension tables (when you view tags ). A good way to support GMbase would be to click interesting adds... just saying.

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Jonah | May 23, 2007

Schools out!

For me anyways.... Nyaaa :P

It's news, right?

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Jonah | April 18, 2007

Rating system

Yes, it's actually here! The star-rating system is implanted and works perfectly! Now what are you waiting for!?! Go rate some extensions!

BTW, you can't rate your own extensions. You also have to be logged on. That means no double voting! Less moderating for me.

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Jonah | April 13, 2007

Guests can comment

I just set GMbase to allow Guests to comment on extensions. Hopefully we can get some comments from visitors from the GMC.

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Jonah | April 08, 2007

All files allowed

Ok, I now set GMbase to allow ALL files in extensions. If I ever get any virus programs I may think of changing it back. Of course, you still must supply a .gex or .ged in each extension.

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Jonah | March 12, 2007


The re-upload form is complete. To edit a extension simply go to its page and press "Edit" while logged on. Do tell if you find any bugs.

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Jonah | March 08, 2007

Edit extensions

Now you can rejoice as you can edit your extensions after you submit them. That includes adding and deleting from the function list. The only thing to do is add the re-upload mechanism.

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Jonah | March 07, 2007

.ged files allowed

I just allowed .ged files. Didn't realize they existed before.

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Jonah | March 06, 2007

Edit comment now works

Yep, now you can edit your comments after you post them! So cool!

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