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- See who's rating
  July 30, 2007

- Extension refer images
  July 30, 2007

- Menu changes
  July 27, 2007

- Sorting!
  July 25, 2007

- Tag changes
  July 23, 2007

- Image-link thingies!
  July 18, 2007

- Home page
  July 16, 2007

- Download text
  July 16, 2007

- MarkUp
  July 08, 2007

- Comment Notification
  July 05, 2007

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News Archive

Jonah | July 30, 2007

See who's rating

Now on the right side of each extension page it says the average rating out of 10, then next to it you can press [details] to see who voted and what they voted.

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Jonah | July 30, 2007

Extension refer images

Now there is a little star next to the rating and if it has not been rated yet it says "N/A" instead of "0/10"

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Jonah | July 27, 2007

Menu changes

I removed the todo list link (you can still find it at ?page=newsItem&id=109 and the 'all extensions' link. You can still find all the extensions through the 'extensions' link

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Jonah | July 25, 2007


You can now sort the extensions by date, name, downloads, rating and owner, ascending and descending. Have fun!

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Jonah | July 23, 2007

Tag changes

Ok, I've just done two things.

1.) Tags are now cached (I will re-cache them every morning)

2.) On the tags page it only shows tags that there are more then one of

Edit: found a search bug where you have "&" in the search box. Fixed now.

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Jonah | July 18, 2007

Image-link thingies!

Now you can link to your extensions with GMbase generated images!! This is how: Go to any extension page. Look on the right hand side, below the tags. As of now, you will see a "Image-link to this extension" text. Below that text it gives you the code to link to the extension through BBcode and html. When you use them it will make a image like this: [Example]

Of course, unlike the example it will also link to the extension page. I mainly made this for the GMC forum, but you can use the html version on freewebs and such.

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Jonah | July 16, 2007

Home page

Just though I'd say I changed allot of out-dated intro text on the home page, and wrote a little something about MarkUp.

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Jonah | July 16, 2007

Download text

Now under the extension download image button it actually says 'download'. Some people didn't realize it was the download button.

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Jonah | July 08, 2007


We are going to be featured on the Extension of the Month section in the GM magazine, MarkUp (endorsed by yoyogames)!!

But I need your help. Here's the thing. I can not run GM7 on my computer. That means I can not test extensions meaning I can not write reviews for them.

So, I am looking for someone who thinks they can review extensions. You would only need to do this once a month. You can also sign your reviews. Or, if you like any of the extensions we currently have you could write a one-time review too.

Also, if you think you have a great extention you can also review your own extension. I would be happy to hand your review over to MarkUp to have your extension featured. I would have to check it first though and make sure it really is a worthy extension of course.

If you would like to do any of those things please contact me at or leave a Shout.

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Jonah | July 05, 2007

Comment Notification

We now have Comment Notification (by email). Now you will get an email when one of your extensions get commented by someone else. You can turn comment notification off in the Account Settings page.

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