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- Extension functions
  September 13, 2007

- File names
  September 04, 2007

- MarkUp - September
  August 29, 2007

- Delete Comments
  August 27, 2007

- News Comments
  August 27, 2007

- Referral images
  August 27, 2007

- My little to-do list
  August 25, 2007

- Screenshots Panal
  August 23, 2007

- Screenshots
  August 16, 2007

- Sorting
  August 14, 2007

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News Archive

Jonah | September 13, 2007

Extension functions

Now when you edit extensions, instead of inputing a number for how many extensions you would like to describe, there is a drop-down number list. I hope this will make more sense to some people. Also the function boxes look slightly better, but I think they should be worked on a bit more.

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Jonah | September 04, 2007

File names

Now instead of the download file names being "", "" and on, the file names are the same as the extension names. Better, huh?

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Jonah | August 29, 2007

MarkUp - September

The September MarkUp Magazine is out, and with it our reviewed extension. I currently have no review for their next magazine, so if anyone would like to write one leave a shout or email me. Reviews can be in plain text, without formating.

I've actually got one now. However, I'll still accept more for other future MarkUps.

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Jonah | August 27, 2007

Delete Comments

Now you can delete your comments as well as edit them. This is useful when you accidentally double-post. Just now I went through some extensions and deleted empty and doubled comments.

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Jonah | August 27, 2007

News Comments

You can now comment on news articles!! This is a great way to give me feedback! You can test it out on this article!

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Jonah | August 27, 2007

Referral images

Now the extension referral images get created right away when you upload an extension, so you don't have to wait for me to re-cache them before use.

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Jonah | August 25, 2007

My little to-do list

These are things I will or may implant. If you ever have a suggestion for an improvement of the site, please leave a comment here and I may add it to one of these lists.

Things I want to implant in time

  • Rewrite website in CakePHP
  • Let users have server resend the verification code and username/password.
  • Multilevel Admin system
  • Let search engine search through functions' descriptions and main descriptions
  • PM system

Things being considered for the future
  • Smilies for all text areas.
  • Admin rating system that's shown separate from the average rating.
  • Extension Reviews
  • A change password form
  • User images
  • Store User's last logon
  • Generate help files for extensions on the fly
  • Force the website to only show the first 7 functions or so on extension pages, and then have a link to another page showing the rest of the functions.

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Jonah | August 23, 2007

Screenshots Panal

Now on the right side bar of your extension pages you will see a "Edit Screenshots" button. From there you can delete unwanted screenshots that you or other people uploaded.

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Jonah | August 16, 2007


Now you can upload screenshots of your extensions! Not only can you, but anyone can actually! That's right, as long as your logged on, you can add screenshots to extensions even if they are not yours! Make sure they actually belong to the extension though. Also, there will be thumnails on the categories page for each extension.

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Jonah | August 14, 2007


You can now sort the extensions on the categories page, by date, name, rating and downloads. There is also an "All" category, making the All Extensions page not needed. Thus it is removed.

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