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- New Category
  December 13, 2008

- New Admin
  December 12, 2008

- Download problems?
  September 29, 2008

- Categories
  February 15, 2008

- New bbcode elements
  January 03, 2008

- Feeds!
  November 19, 2007

- Edit shouts!
  November 12, 2007

- Some major layout changes
  November 09, 2007

- Tweaks
  November 08, 2007

- MarkUp - Nevember
  October 15, 2007

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News Archive

Schyler | December 13, 2008

New Category

I was feeling like doing an overall of the site to see what needs to be done and noticed that there was not a category for "Emulation". I have added an Emulation category to the site and hope that you take advantage of this new category.

On other topics, I might take the time to image all the extensions.

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Schyler | December 12, 2008

New Admin

I'm now an admin of GMbase and because of that I feel like stopping this place from being dead.

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Jonah | September 29, 2008

Download problems?

Alright, ever since this site was released, people with programs that block the referrer variable on the browser have been having problems downloading extensions. I think Norton did this. I think that should be fixed now though. So if you have been getting complaints of a broken download that should stop. I really have no of testing my patch myself though.

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Kyle_Solo | February 15, 2008


Alright, I've been doing some categorizing. If you feel your extension is in the wrong category or think there should be a new category for it, post here and I'll fix it.

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Jonah | January 03, 2008

New bbcode elements

We now have the [color*], [size*] and [code*] bbcode tags working! Example:

players = array_create(); // Creates array
array_set(players, "attack", "player1", "skills", 1);
array_set(players, "defend", "player1", "skills", 2);

*note that is does not auto-highlight though.

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Jonah | November 19, 2007


I've added RSS feeds for Simon Donkers' website,!

You can find them both at his website (or soon anyways, once he adds them), or here:

News RSS 2.0

Extensions RSS 2.0

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Jonah | November 12, 2007

Edit shouts!

You can now edit and delete your own shouts in the shoutbox!

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Jonah | November 09, 2007

Some major layout changes

Ok, the banner has been changed once again. Notice that the user meta is now above the menu. Also I did a bunch of changes on the extension download pages, so go check that out. It's a lot cleaner and simpler now.

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Jonah | November 08, 2007


You may have noticed a few differences around the site. I'm in the process of tweaking it a bit. So far I've allowed comment deletion in the news area, and even more importantly the site banner is different. This is only temporary though. I'm planning a major change in the header soon.

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Jonah | October 15, 2007

MarkUp - Nevember

Hey there again, we seem to be out of reviews, so if you would like to get your extension reviewed for MarkUp, the magazine, please contact me at (or leave a shout). Otherwise, I'll pick one myself. Thanks.

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