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Extension Owner Rating Downloads Credit to
Total 81 claydotio rating 639
GMechanism lukeescude rating 762
Easy Gradients Pack elfdud7 rating 733 elfdud7
Ultimate Arcade VonVoid rating 2033
My test xxmantisxx rating 423 me
Visual Basic Execute3 tigerman rating 659 Jacob Clark
Useful Functions Extension tigerman rating 633 Jacob Clark
Environment Variables tigerman rating 487 Jacob Clark
Game Maker Sequel tigerman rating 657 Jacob Clark and M. Rijks (Smarty)
Keyboard Extension2 tigerman rating 494 Jacob Clark
Dimension Text queviltai rating 298 queviltai (optional)
Table Data Structure Kyle_Solo rating 1367 Kyle_Solo
Process Extension Chasesteel rating 853 ALL CREDIT GOES TO OMEGA
GM Mouse Functions zappy77 rating 1474 Martin Stolk aka Zappy77
Hack Free Variables Chasesteel rating 626 Chasesteel
Hack Free System (Integers) Chasesteel rating 893
Extreme GML TheZro rating 2646
INI DLL Kyle_Solo rating 1456 Kyle_Solo
Image Editor Sandro rating 1649 Sandro
ds_box Kyle_Solo rating 873 Kyle_Solo
Time Travel Extension Kyle_Solo rating 1600 Kyle_Solo
Text To Speech BGames rating 2216 BGames
Advanced Arrays Jonah rating 1482 Jonah Turnquist (not required)
ds_point Kyle_Solo rating 1065 Kyle_Solo
DynamX Engine Gamer3D rating 1153 Gamer3D
Misc. Foxx rating 1750
GM color extension zappy77 rating 1500 zappy77
GM Collections Extension Schyler rating 866 Ktech - Schyler
GM Verlet Physics Extension Schyler rating 1315 Ktech - Schyler & Bathy
Ruby's Product Activation Ruby rating 1349 Ruby Software
External INI Kyle_Solo rating 931 Kyle_Solo
AI Kyle_Solo rating 2725 Kyle_Solo
Superedit Kyle_Solo rating 1177 Kyle_Solo
Instance Nearest Extended Kyle_Solo rating 4125 Kyle_Solo
Sprite Generator - Tank: New ver1.1 Sandro rating 2950 Sandro
GM Tween SuperSlacker rating 1870
Sprite Replicator Ahren rating 951
3DX jack1993 rating 2242
OneInstance Jedlas rating 748 Jedlas
Beep Jedlas rating 926 Jedlas
Vector Engine Jonah rating 1189 Ruud v A
KX DTE, Destructible Terrain Kaietnap rating 1410 Kaietnap
KX Tesla, electricity effect Kaietnap rating 1480 Kaietnap
HTML-TO-GML ver2.3 Sandro rating 1904 Sandro
Speech Dialog extension HaRRiKiRi rating 958 HaRRiKiRi
Inventory extension HaRRiKiRi rating 3135 HaRRiKiRi
Math Pack Jonah rating 1316 Gamer3D
JBM SPC jobro rating 867 JoBro Media and the author to the GMSPC dll.
Advanced Gesture Recognition System Kyle_Solo rating 3185 Kyle_Solo
GM Motion Planning Airslide rating 4285 Airslide
WinSkin DFortun81 rating 2133 DFortun81
MaxWinAPI GrandFlavour rating 1981 h0bbel and Callum
For Testing Jonah rating 511
HexScripts leif902 rating 730 Leif902
CDM Extension cdm319 rating 951 cdm319/Chris Matthews
JBM SoundControl jobro rating 772
GM Cash 1.1 jobro rating 2208 JoBro Media
CH's Mouselook IamCalle rating 997 Not needed
FramesPerSecond Optimizer jobro rating 868 Jobro and DarkMaster4
SoundEffects 0.4 jobro rating 1249 JoBro Media
Ultima Crypt Strider6282 rating 2691 Preston N. Smith
Ultima Status Bar Strider6282 rating 2446 None
GM Platform Extension Schyler rating 1160 Ktech - Schyler
Dynamic Variables Schyler rating 906 Ktech - Schyler
4D Arrays Schyler rating 733 Ktech - Schyler
3D array szepi rating 1293 David Szepesvari
Directional Constants Schyler rating 734 Ktech - Schyler
GM Dos Runner Schyler rating 631 Ktech - Schyler
Ultima 3D Reloaded Strider6282 rating 3200
3D GM Extension Lib Schyler rating 2320 Ktech - Schyler
Encryption - Seeded String Schyler rating 641 Ktech - Schyler
GM Relative Context Schyler rating 682 Ktech - Schyler
D3D Extended V 3.0 Strider6282 rating 2301 Preston N. Smith
CD Autorun pcnerd rating 666 Fred Slade
SOC 3.1 MindWorX rating 1750 THE Stefan
GM Value Saving/Loading Schyler rating 1051 Ktech - Schyler
Vk_Keys tkneo rating 705 Tkneo *or* TommyK Games
GM Color Extension (250+) Schyler rating 2153 K-tech - Schyler
D3D D&D King-O-Games-2 rating 2064 King-O-Games-2